February 2, 2012
Well worth it

I have struggled with pollen issues for years and AllerPhase has been well worth the money. At first glance, it looks expensive but I have been using it for about 6 months and have only noticed a couple of instances where my issues still bothered me. I have seasonal issues that start as soon as spring hits and have me sneezing and itchy, watery eyes most of the summer, and then really kick in when fall hits. Then misery until it freezes. I have used AllerPhase through spring and most of summer now and have had very light reactions. A couple times right after it rains, but otherwise, it has completely made my issues disappear. I can even play with my dog, which I haven’t had that happen in 20 years. I have tried many over the counter medicines and they all have side effects almost as bad as my main issue. Mostly drowsiness and fatigue with the over the counter stuff which is why I have been searching for something natural/herbal to work. I have tried a couple things but nothing has worked near as well as AllerPhase. I will absolutely keep using this because it is by far the best thing I have found in 20+ years.

Anita B.
AllerPhase is an Amazing Formula

Dear Tango, I have been battling seasonal issues with pollen and dust my entire life, and it seems that I am sensitive to almost everything possible. I began getting weekly shots when I was 5 years old, and continued receiving shots until I was about 13. When my symptoms started to return a few years ago I began to use Claritin, but my condition has continued to get worse over the last 7 years. This has been one of the worst so far. I have suffered from constant stuffiness, watery, itchy swollen eyes, and sneezing that makes me miserable and unable to do anything, especially outside. In short, my symptoms made it hard for me to function. A few weeks ago I was at a BBQ and even though I had already taken my Claritin for the day, I was miserable. Someone at the party noticed my situation and gave me some AllerPhase. Within 30 minutes I could breathe out of both sides of my nose, my eyes were no longer irritated, and I felt 100 percent better. AllerPhase is an amazing formula and I would tell anyone that suffers from any kind of seasonal issues to try it. Regards, Kris S.

Kris S
Relief from Florida Seasonal Issues

My husband and I were desperate for a solution to our pollen, dander, dust sensitivity issues without unpleasant side effects and recently joined Heath Sciences Institute. AllerPhase was recommended in their publication, Miracles from the Vault. We both suffer from seasonal issues year round here in Florida. We both experience drowsiness and that overly dry feeling in our eyes and nose while using over the counter remedies. AllerPhase relieved our symptoms immediately with no side effects. We have both had these issues for many years and have tried many treatments including desensitization injections with no real relief. We have been using AllerPhase for about six months and can’t be without it. One year update: We still use AllerPhase and get wonderful relief from it. The interesting thing is that we seem to need it less this year even though our local paper lists pollen counts and they are very high most days. The information from HSI on AllerPhase indicated that it might actually improve our health and we think that it is happening for us.

Kathleen L.
Relief from Sinus Discomfort

I have had sinus problems most of my life, but I do not know to what. My head reacts to barometric pressure changes, cold climates, and I’m not sure what else. My sinuses become very painful. Often times pain relievers and over the counter remedies, or even sinus spray (prescribed) don’t work. I saw results within 30 minutes of taking AllerPhase. Sometimes my issues are relieved for days, and sometimes for over a week at a time. This is a great product. I wish it had cured me (i.e. I would not have to continue taking it); however, I much prefer taking AllerPhase to over-the-counter remedies. I continue to do well with AllerPhase, and my husband is also having good results with it. I very rarely need to take pain relievers in addition to the AllerPhase. It is a fantastic product, and I highly recommend it.

Laurie Browne
AllerPhase and Mosquito Bites

Recently I was in the middle of a very bad outbreak of my seasonal issues (trees, pollen, grass). I’ve tried everything over the years – OTC, herbals, homeopathic, essence formulas, etc., – but nothing has ever worked. Lucky for me, I checked out the new Tango Advanced Nutrition store in my neighborhood in San Francisco. One of the staffers told me about AllerPhase. I started with two capsules, two times per day. Four days later, I realized that I had no symptoms, so I reduced my dose to one capsule, two times per day until the bottle was empty. Still, I had no attacks, but being a skeptic, I thought maybe the “triggers” had “left town.” A week later I was outside at dusk when I caught a mosquito taking a quick bite on my forearm. Uh oh, I thought! My life-long reaction to mosquitoes is awful – two days after a bite I break out in golf ball-sized, red, oozy, bumps and intense itching that can last for up to three weeks. Four days later I noticed the itty-bitty bite mark and realized that I’d had no reaction whatsoever. This was the first time that’s ever happened. I was convinced, in an “ah-ha moment,” that it was because of the AllerPhase. The following week I cleaned out my dresser and closet, sorting through things that had been untouched for eons. Dust mites are another huge trigger for me, and I know that dusty smell I encounter will send me into a day-long fit of sneezing and itchy, watery eyes. I spent four to five hours cleaning and never had any kind of flare-up. It’s been two weeks since and still no issues, but I’m getting another bottle to keep on hand. It’s pricey, but being symptom-free is “priceless.”

Janis R.
AllerPhase and Pet Dander

I have to say I’m quite impressed with AllerPhase. I have suffered with severe pollen sensitivities for years in Canada until I moved to California a few years ago. The pollens are different here than on the east coast so I considered myself pretty much free once I moved. Recently, I adopted a dog which does not shed and is a breed that I have been able to live with in the past, however he has dry skin and his dander has recently caused me to have sneezing fits, puffy eyes and on some occasions I have noticed myself wheezing and have had to use my inhaler. A friend recommended AllerPhase to me and I thought I’d try it out. I ran out of Zyrtec, so I had no choice but to try it! I took a couple capsules before bedtime and woke up with clear sinuses and eyes that were not itchy. And I could breathe. I’m continuing to take the AllerPhase until my dog’s dry skin improves and he stops itching. In the meantime, I will be recommending this product to friends and family back home in Canada who continue to suffer from severe seasonal issues, especially the season is just around the corner!

Pleased with AllerPhase in North Carolina

Dear Tango, I live in Raleigh, North Carolina, which is probably the worst place to be if you suffer from airborne pollens, dust, etc. Because of the local climate, if something isn’t blooming, then it’s decaying (mold). In the past, I had chosen to suffer rather than use any of Big Pharma’s products. Then, along came AllerPhase. This product really works for me. When I initially tried AllerPhase I took 2 capsules in the morning at the first sign of symptoms, and then another 2 capsules a few hours later. My sneezing, watery eyes, etc. were gone. Now I take a single capsule when the symptoms appear, and I don’t take another unless needed. My symptoms usually vanish within about an hour, and a single capsule will usually do the trick for the day. I also have had excellent results with ImmunoPhase. It has replaced my longtime remedy of echinacea, zinc lozenges and elderberry extract for stopping a cold before it gets started. I take 2 capsules, 3 times a day, for the first 2 or 3 days, and then taper off to one or two a day for a few more days. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate these great products.

Richard W.
Husband Helped After 40 Years with Seasonal Issues

Dear Tango, I found your site through Hyla Cass, MD ( I am a huge fan of hers and her advice has improved my life immensely! As for my husband, he has suffered from severe seasonal issues for 40 years. He has tried just about all of the OTC remedies and prescription medications available, having only modest success until his system acclimated and the benefits slowly waned. Then he tried AllerPhase. WOW! What a difference! Within 3 days he could breathe so much better and the sniffing, sneezing, snorting and coughing kept diminishing until it was nothing. Yea! He has been on AllerPhase (1 capsule, twice a day) for several months and it continues to work just as well as it did from the start! We can’t thank you enough for this wonderful product! My husband is so happy and relieved (and so am I)! Debby W.

Debby W
AllerPhase Helps 14-Year-Old Son Sensitive to Grass

Dear Tango, My 14-year-old son has suffered from grass and tree sensitivities for most of his life. Making matters worse, his issues were triggering exercise-induced breathing issues while taking part in physical exercise (PE) classes at school. We live in California and the PE classes are held outside on the grass fields. My son was taking all the prescribed medication, including an inhaler when he took PE class, but he wasn’t getting much help from the medication. He is also an advanced student, and by second quarter this past school year, as his problems worsened his grades began to fall. He started telling me of his extreme fatigue, headaches and memory problems, and that he just couldn’t seem to concentrate anymore. This is when I really began to worry, thinking it could be something more. By chance, I got my health e-mail from HSI and was reading about your products and clicked on your web site. I started reading about AllerPhase to my son. We both picked up on the part about brain fog and thought we’d give it a try. I had him start taking 2 capsules twice a day for the first three weeks. It was amazing to see the difference in him within the first week. All the issues cleared up. He doesn’t even use the inhaler anymore! His grades went back up on the honor roll and he told me he was able to run better and do more laps on the track without the breathing problems. And he got an ‘A’ in his PE class! Now he takes AllerPhase (1 or 2 capsules per day) only when he starts feeling that his problems are returning, usually during peak pollen outbreaks. We are so happy to have found this product. I have given it to other members of my family and I also take it myself. All of us have experienced the same results. Thank you very much for an amazing product!

Sandra T.
Feedback After 3 Years Experience with AllerPhase, ImmunoPhase and Vital Cell

Dear Tango, Well, it’s been three years now that I’ve been taking AllerPhase, ImmunoPhase and Vital Cell. This is what I’ve discovered. AllerPhase has helped clear up my runny nose. Even when I have run out for a few days, my symptoms don’t reappear. In the past three years I have not had a breathing issue, and I credit this to AllerPhase, because in the previous years under my doctor’s care I had two attacks. Since taking AllerPhase I’ve had no attacks and only a couple of bad days. Perhaps this formula has preventative properties? I would be interested to know if other people have noticed this benefit as well. ImmunoPhase – What can I say? I can’t remember the last time I felt sick. We have used ImmunoPhase on some of our pets (dogs and rats) with rather astonishing results. Their condition improved measurably. Vital Cell – This one’s interesting. I still haven’t figured out all that it’s doing for me. In one of your previous newsletters a doctor wrote, saying he thought his eyesight was getting better. I haven’t noticed this effect, but while shaving one day I thought my eyes looked a deeper blue, but I wasn’t sure if my eyes were playing tricks or not. Several days later my wife said she thought the blue in my eyes was getting deeper, and I hadn’t told her that I had noticed this too! So it must be working in ways yet to be explained. Bottom line – all of your products work very well! Thanks For My Health,

B.D. Gibson Certified Herbalist Ottawa, Canada

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