All-Natural Support for Pollen, Molds and Dander

Dear Tango, I have been battling seasonal issues with pollen and dust my entire life, and it seems that I am sensitive to almost everything possible. …
Kris S
Dear Tango, I found your site through Hyla Cass, MD ( I am a huge fan of hers and her advice has improved my life immensely! As for my…
Debby W
I have had sinus problems most of my life, but I do not know to what. My head reacts to barometric pressure changes, cold climates, and I’m not sure w…
Laurie Browne
I have struggled with pollen issues for years and AllerPhase has been well worth the money. At first glance, it looks expensive but I have been using …
Anita B.
Dear Tango, What a delight to be able to write you about my discovery of AllerPhase! I’ve been using 3 different inhalers up to four times a day for s…
Rose S.
Dear Tango, My 14-year-old son has suffered from grass and tree sensitivities for most of his life. Making matters worse, his issues were triggering e…
Sandra T.
Recently I was in the middle of a very bad outbreak of my seasonal issues (trees, pollen, grass). I’ve tried everything over the years – OTC, herbals,…
Janis R.
I have been coughing uncontrollably for three years. I couldn’t stop coughing and was worried that I maybe had a serious lung disorder. I couldn’t eve…
Dear Tango, Well, Tango did it again! I was already sold on Herbal Boost and Vital Cell, but now have found yet another product that is nothing short …
Ruth H.
Dear Tango, Well, it’s been three years now that I’ve been taking AllerPhase, ImmunoPhase and Vital Cell. This is what I’ve discovered. AllerPhase has…
B.D. Gibson Certified Herbalist Ottawa, Canada

Upper Respiratory Support Relief Formula

Made with the finest ingredients that actually work
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Centipeda Plant
Shi Hu Sui

The stems and leaves of the Centipeda plant are traditionally used to dry and soothe nose, sinus, throat and lung tissues.

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Xanthium Fruit
Cang Er Zi

Xanthium fruit is valuable for supporting nasal and sinus health and for soothing membranes and skin tissues.

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Jing Jie

Scizonepeta stems and buds are cooling, skin soothing ingredients.

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Angelica Dahurica Root
Dang Gui

Dong Quai is a nourishing herb widely used to promote blood circulation in and to all of the tissues of the body.

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Pseudostellaria Root
Tai Zi Shen

Pseudostellaria root, also known as lesser ginseng, is a tonic restorative for lung weakness and fatigue.

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Fritillaria Bulb
Chuan Bei Mu

Fritillaria bulb is known to be very soothing for the throat and lungs.

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Paeonia Root
Bai Shao

Peonia root is a nourishing herb that improves blood flow in the upper body and resistance to external environmental stresses.

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Platycodon Root
Jie Geng

Platycodon root is a clearing herb that soothe the throat and lungs. It also directs the actions of other herbs to the upper respiratory system.

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Licorice Root
Gan Cao

Licorice root soothes mucus membranes and is traditionally used as a balancing herb to help all the herbs in a formula work better together.

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About AllerPhase

How AllerPhase® Came to be
All-Natural Support for Pollen, Molds and Dander

The best treatment for seasonal respiratory issues is to avoid all of the substances that trigger a reaction. Since this is not always possible, many people turn to prescription and over-the-counter medications for relief. Antihistamines and other drugs can help, but they can also cause problems and make even the simplest of tasks, such as driving a car or operating heavy machinery, difficult, or even dangerous. More importantly, simply blocking histamines doesn’t do anything to address the underlying causes, and in time symptoms may become more severe and difficult to treat.

AllerPhase is a unique, proprietary multi-herb formula offering a natural, yet comprehensive solution to seasonal and perennial miseries with a blend of ten traditional Chinese herbs specifically selected for their ability to quickly and safely relieve discomfort while gently resolving the underlying imbalance that triggers reactions in the first place.

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